Each space is treated acoustically and includes a tablet with the music and albums of your choice.
Towels and soap are at your disposal. We use natural products.
hot or cold drink will be served.
Our couple / duo massages are performed on a two-seater futon, by a single state-certified masseuse, following a unique process signed NL Paris.
The actual times take into account the installation.
Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment and anticipate your transport to respect the reserved time slot.

Signature NL massage Reflexology

For a moment, your skull, your head, your hands and your feetwill have our full attention. For those who have very little time, this massage is for you.

Real pleasure to boost you and to face the rest of the day.
Thismassage is perfect for a short break.

  • Tarifs
    SOLO – 30 minutes – 50 €
    SOLO – 45 minutes – 80 €

Signature NL massage California

A traditional massage of the body. pressures, slips, kneading and light frictions make this care particularly soft and relaxing.

This is the standard of massages and cares in relaxation treatments.

Our couple / duo massages are performed on a large futon (2 meters by 2 meters), by a single qualified masseuse, following a unique process signed NL Paris.

Our original goal is to promote the feeling of sharing the couple. You are here a few inches from each other, unlike massage table massage (1 meter). You share the same hands and therefore the same energy which greatly increases the welfare of the couple. A real balance is created like in a bubble.

It allows a deep physical and psychic relaxation.
Ideal to restore tone.

  • Prices
    SOLO – 30 minutes – 50 €

    SOLO – 60 minutes – 100 €

    COUPLE / Duo – 30 minutes – 90 €

Signature NL massage Ayurvedic

A massage that translates from Sanskrit to the Science of Life. We practice an Ayurvedic massage transcribed by pressure points and a massage with hot oils all over the body.

It relaxes, reduces nervous tension, improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body.

This massage, combination of large movements, fast, sometimes slower, friction that will warm your muscles, will resolve your tensions due to the accumulation of fatigue and contemporary stress.

It is a tonic massage and we recommend it for a deep work of muscle fibers.

  • Tarifs
    SOLO – 30 minutes – 60 €

    SOLO – 60 minutes – 110 €

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